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800kva Generator

Specification: Product parameter: Ps. Data of above table changes sometime, for reference only. Product show: ***Picture for guidance purpose

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800kva Cummins Generator

800kva Generator Specification:

Genset power: 640kw  800kva 

The engine : Cummins engine

Good quality, low fuel consumption, low noise, high output power and reliable performance.

800kva Generator Product parameter:


Ps. Data of above table changes sometime, for reference only.


800kva Generator Product show:  

800kva Cummins open type.jpg

710KW Cummins.jpg

Cummins 800kva.jpg

640KW Cummins with canopy.jpg

***Picture for guidance purpose 

800kva Generator Optional  Parts:

1.Silent trailer/portable trailer

2.Soundproof/rainproof enclosure


4.Remote system

5.50℃ coolant tank

6.Base frame fuel tank / normal fuel tank

7.Oil / water separator

8.Fire extinguishing type silencer of heavy industry


800kva Generator application area:


800kva Generator Optional  Parts:

1, Basic design features: the cylinder block design is strong and durable, small vibration, small noise; straight 6 cylinder four stroke, smooth operation, high efficiency; replace the wet cylinder sleeve, long life, convenient maintenance, excellent performance; forced water cooling, heat radiation is small.

2, Fuel system: the PT fuel system patented by Cummins has a unique overspeed protection device, low pressure pipeline, low pipeline, low failure rate, high reliability, high pressure jet and full combustion. Equipped with fuel oil supply and oil return check valve, it is safe and reliable.

3, Intake system: equipped with dry air filter and air resistance indicator, using HOLSET exhaust turbocharger, fully intake, performance is guaranteed.

4, Exhaust system: using the pulse dry exhaust pipe, the exhaust energy can be used effectively, the engine performance is full play; the exhaust pipe and the exhaust bellows with the diameter of 127mm are easy to connect.

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