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60kva Diesel Generator

Brand : Deutz
Model Number: DL53P-50
Engine: 1103A-33TG2
Speed: 1500/1800 rmp
Frequency: 50/60HZ
Rated Power: 60KVA/48KW
Rated Voltage: 400/230V adjustable
Controller: Deep Sea/SmartGen.
Product Warranty: One Year/1000 Hours

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Product Details

60kva diesel generator

60kva diesel generator Specification: 

Brand : Deutz

Model Number: DL53P-50

Engine: 1103A-33TG2

Speed: 1500/1800 rmp

Frequency: 50/60HZ

Rated Power: 60KVA/48KW

Rated Voltage: 400/230V adjustable


Controller: Deep Sea/SmartGen.

Product Warranty: One Year/1000 Hours


60kva diesel generator parameter:


Ps. Data of above table changes sometime, for reference only.


60kva diesel generator picture:




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60kva diesel generator Engine:

1100 Series 1103A-33TG2



Cost effective power

1.Compact size and low noise

2.Lower fuel consumption and oil use

3.500 hour service intervals

60kva diesel generator Alternator:

Stamford UCI224E


60kva diesel generator Digital Control Panel:

Controller Brand: DEEPSEA
Control Panel: English interface,LED screen and touch buttons.
Main Functions:
1- Display loading power, voltage, currenct, frequency, speed, temperature, oil pressure, running time etc.
2- Warning when low or high voltage, low or high frequency, over current, over or low speed, low or over battery voltage etc.

3- Over load protection, over/under frequency protection, over/under/imbalance voltage protection, and low oil shutdown.

60kva diesel generator Characteristics:

1.Steady relationships with engine and alternators’ supplier both domestic and global.

2.Excellent after sale service.

3.Our generating set is subject to a comprehensive test program which includes full load testing checking and provision of all control and safety shut down functions testing.

4.Impeccable Warranty Service

6.Both 50Hz and 60Hz

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