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Small Size Generator

Engine : Deutz bf4m1013fc
Product type: Diesel generator
Model Number: DL40P-50/ DL40P-50S with canpoy
Engine: Perkins 1103A-33TG1
Warranty: One Year/1000 Hours

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Product Details

90kw Small size generator



Small size generator specification:

Engine : Deutz bf4m1013fc

Model number:Dc100d-50

Rated voltage: As request



Alternator brand: Stamford/ leory somer /wagna

Options: Open, soundproof / waterproof canopy, ats, parallel system, moving trailer


Small size generator parameter:


Ps. Data of above table changes sometime, for reference only.



Small size generator show:


***picture for guidance purpose



Small size generator engine:


Small size generator optionl:

Base oil tank, independent oil tank, assistant starting system when 
low temperature, 

Intelligent control system(including wagna, comap, deep sea, etc).

Different alternator brands available. One phase is optional.


Secure generator canopy:

• All canopy designed with modular principles

• All metal canopy parts painted by electrostatic polyester power paint

• Soundproof design ensure that the noise level be controlled in small scope

• Convenient to lift and move

• Easy to maintenance and operate

The advantages of the Secure generator:

1. The product is compact in structure, reasonable in design, reliable in performance, excellent in performance, long in service life and economical in use.

2, generating units have advanced, efficient, reliable, energy saving, environmental protection and a series of significant advantages.

3. With the function of air intake and reflux, it can adapt to plateau and high altitude area well.

4, Deutz generator set is a formal authorized product for Deutz company. It has better performance, better quality and better service in the same kind of products, so it is very popular with users.

Matters of attention to the Deutz generator set:

1. Every 50 hours after the operation of the Deutz generator unit, the accumulated water in the oil-water separator should be discharged and the electrolysis level of the battery should be checked.

2. After 200~300 hours of operation, the new generator set must check the valve clearance and check the injector.

3. After 400 hours of each operation, the belt should be checked and adjusted and replaced when necessary, to check and clean the radiator chip and to discharge the silt in the fuel tank.

4, each operation of 600 hours or at least 12 months requires the replacement of lubricating oil and lubricating oil filter. The frequency of the unit replacement of the lubricating oil cycle is different according to the quality of the lubricating oil and the sulfur content of the fuel and the oil consumption of the generator set.

5, every 800 hours, change the oil and water separator and fuel filter, check the turbocharger leakage, check the intake pipe leakage, check and clean the fuel pipeline;

6, every 1200 hours after the operation, adjust the valve clearance; after each operation 2000 hours, the replacement of air filter and coolant, thoroughly clean the radiator chip and waterway water tank;

7, every 2400 hours after running, check the injector, thoroughly check the turbocharger and check the engine equipment.


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