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Factory Generator

Model number: DL407DO-50
Engine: DP158LC
Prime power: 370kw 400kva
Voltage: 400v/230v adjustable
Speed: 1500/1800 rmp
Moq:1 pcs
Controller: Deep sea/smartgen.

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Product Details

Factory generator


Factory generator specifications:

Model number: DL407DO-50

Engine: DP158LC

Prime power: 370kw 400kva

Voltage: 400v/230v adjustable

Speed: 1500/1800 rmp

Moq: 1 pcs


Controller: Deep sea/smartgen.


Factory generator parameter:


Ps. Data of above table changes sometime, for reference only.


Factory generator show:

Doosan500kva standby diesel generator.jpgDoosan 460kva generator.jpgDoosan 400KW diesel generator.jpg

462kva Doosan diesel generator.jpg

***picture for guidance purpose 


Factory generator engine:

Doosan DP158LC.jpg



Factory generator alternator feature: 

Brand ( select-able): Wagna/ stamford HCI554C/ leroy-somer etc.;

♦   brushless, 4 poles, rotation magnet.

♦   ip21-23 enclosure is standard for all industrial alternators.

♦   the insulation system is class h.

♦   simple installation and maintenance, with easy access to terminals, rotating diodes and coupling bolts.

♦   wide range of flange adaptors and single bearing disc coupling.

♦   standard 2/3 pitch windings avoid excessive neutral currents.

♦   optional accessories available for easy paralleling with mains or other generators.

♦   optional permanent magnet generator ( pmg ) system provide constant excitation under all condition.

♦   avr auto voltage regulator, auto exciter, auto adjustment.

Factory generator guarantee:

1) guarantee period: One year or 1000 running hours, depends on whichever comes first.
2) during the guarantee period, the spare-parts will be sent through your shipping agency in china.
3) spare-parts can also be sent by air express.
4) 24 hours service hotline is available for customers.


Characteristics of Factory generator:

1. advanced and reasonable design of cylinder head: the fire ring greatly improves the service life of the generator cylinder pad; the cylinder head bolt greatly prolongs the service life and improves the reliability.

2. wet, replaceable bushing design plus flame holder and oil cooled piston ensures low running cost and long service life.

3. the use of flexible shock absorbers is superior to rubber shock absorbers.

The 4. turbocharger uses the energy of the exhaust gas to improve the energy utilization, thus improving the output power, reducing the fuel consumption, cleaning the exhaust, reducing the high frequency noise and prolonging the service life.


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