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Soundless Generator

Choose the Wagna standby power system that meets your specific needs, and avoid costly business interruptions due to power outages.

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Product Details

Soundless generator


Soundless generator Specification:


Brand Name: Wagna

Model Number: DL11DO-50

Engine: SP173N

Prime Power: 14KW 18KVA

Frequency: 50/60HZ

Voltage: 400V/230V adjustable

MOQ: 1 pcs


Controller: Deep Sea/SmartGen.

Certificate: ISO,CE,CSA



Soundless generator Product parameter:



Ps. Data of above table changes sometime, for reference only.



Soundless generator Brief Introduce:


Doosan diesel engines have been widely used in national defense, aviation, vehicles, watercraft, engineering machines, and generator sets. The engines of Doosan are being recognized and highly received by the world for its compact, light weight, high capability of anti sudden load increase, low noise, economical and reliable features.




Soundless generator Product show:



***Picture for guidance purpose



Soundless generator Engine:



SP173N A/D



Compression ratio :               21.7 : 1

Engine Type :       3-Cycle, In-line, Diesel, Water cooled, N/A

Rotation :           Counter clockwise viewed from Flywheel




 Soundless generator Alternator:


Alternator brand: Stamford
Alternator Model: UCI274G




Soundless generator Control system: 

1. Automatic cutter which is suitable for the generator power 
2. Turn on key 
3. A device to measure the generators speed 
4. Counter for measuring the Operating hours 
5. Device to measure the current overload with a switched current 
6. A device to measure the battery voltage 
7. Voltmeter with a voltage exchanger 
8. A device to measure the frequency 
9. Thermostat to regulate the voltage 
10. A device to measure the oil pressure 
11. Alerting lamps indicating low and high temperature 
12. Controller of the current increase and short circuit 
13. Emergency stop button 



Soundless generator Standard components:


Alternator(( Stamford, Marathon & our own brand Wagna etc.)
40ºC coolant tank
Industrial silencer Steel base frame
Maintenance free battery / cable / recharger 

Shock damper
Out put breaker Intelligent control penal
Standard tools



Soundless generator Soundproof Canopy Feature:


1. Excellent ventilation

2. Oil tank mounted on base frame for at least 8 Hours working

3. Highly Corrosion Resistant construction

4. Excellent Access for Maintenance

5. Security and Safety

6. With steel sheet

7. Stainless steel locks

8. Control panel viewing window for monitoring the status of the generator set

9. Good ventilation system and anti-heat radiation construction

10. Effective anti-vibration devices to ensure the generator set run steadily

11. Super silent materials inside to ensure the noise lower than 70 dB 7 meters away

12. Emergency stop button mounted outside

13. Side lockable door easy for maintenance and installation

14. Lube oil and cooling water drains piped to exterior of the canopy



Soundless generator Application range:


Perkins generator for multiple purpose of power generating solutions, including civil buildings, factories, transportation, medical, financial, telecom, military & defense, outdoor engineering,

power generating & transportation.



Soundless generator Product detail:


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