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Burns Stability Premium Quality CE Approved 90KW 113KVA Biogas Generator

Brand Name: WAGNA
Model Number: G105W-50
Speed: 1500rpm/1800rpm
Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
Prime Power: 95KW
Rated Voltage: 400V/230V

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Product Details

Burns Stability Premium Quality CE Approved 90KW 113KVA Biogas Generator

 Premium 90KW 113KVA Biogas Generator has the strict management system, pass the certification of CE which be approved by European Union.In wagna , quality is paramount.   The performance of the engine is very stability. Burning, causing the engine to produce power.


113KVA/90KW  Biogas Generator

Brand Name: WAGNA

Model Number: G105W-50

Speed: 1500rpm/1800rpm

Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ

Prime Power: 95KW

Rated Voltage: 400V/230V

Rated Current: 180A

Warranty: 1 Year/1000hrs

Protection Class: IP21-23

Color: Choose


Product parameters:

113KVA/90KW  Biogas Generator



Prime Power KVA/KW


Standby Power KVA/KW


Engine model


Fuel consumption rate(g/kw.h)


Air inlet mode

Turbocharged intercooler

Type of RMP regulation

Electronic regulation







Engine oil volume(L)


Coolant total volume (L) 


Dimension L*W*H(mm)




Noise level dB(A)


Ps. Data of above table changes sometime, for reference only.


Product picture:

113KVA/90KW  Biogas Generator

90KW Biogas generator.jpg

W6BG10 95G Biogas generator.jpg

113KVA Biogas generator.jpg

***Picture for guidance purpose



Brand ( selectable): Wagna/Stamford/Leroy Somer etc.;


Number of Phase: 3;

Connecting Type: Three Phase and Four Lines;

Grading Protection: IP21 IP22, IP23 can produce as customers’ demand

Altitude: ≤1000m;

Exciter Type: Brushless ,Self-exciting, AVR automatic voltage regulating,100% Copper winding wire;

Insulation Class: H degree.


The advantages of natural gas generator:

Adopt computer optimized parts specially used for gas engine:

1) Alloy air valves & seat rings, pistons with heat & wear-resisting coating, specially designed combustion chamber, more durable, ensure the sufficient burn & engine power.
2) Gas & air mixed out of the cylinder, mix better and burn sufficiently

3)  Integrated control technology, adjust the gas intake quantity automatically according to the load variation.

4) Industrial class fire blocker, the fire or explosion accident will never happen.

5) Italy Madas gas pressure reducer, ensure steady gas pressure .

6) CHP boiler is optional


Application area:

Natural gas generator : Pipeline natural gas, liquid natural gas (LNG),coal mine industry, crude oil industry

Biogas generator : dairy and poultry farm, food processing ( starch, alcohol, palm oil ), industrial waste, Bio garbage processing, landfill

LPG generator : Crude oil industry

Biomass generator: agriculture straw, wood chips etc.

Wagna (2).jpg 


1.Pre-sale service:

A.Our engineers are available for onside prospect before installation free to charge.

B. Foundation drawing and detailed Dimension free form us.

2.In-sale service:

A. On site overall guide installation,operation and maintenance training .

B. Assistance and instruction of trial running.

3.After-sale service:

A. 24 hours online or in person after sale service.

B.12 months warranty. We take care of all errors/breakdowns in this period.

4.Spare parts service:

A.All spares parts on our gensets supplied by us.

B. Free spare parts together with genset when shipping.

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