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Good Technical Support Improted 400KW 500KVA Biogas Generator with Soundproof

Brand Name: WAGNA
Model Number: GC400W-50B
Rated power: 400KW/500KVA
Speed: 1500/1800RPM
Frequency: 50/60HZ

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Product Details

Good Technical Support Improted 400KW 500KVA Biogas Generator with Soundproof

400KW/ 500KVA Biogas Generator have good technical support . About the Controller, alternator,we can according to your requirement to import. And the generatot you can choose with Soundproof.


Soundproof 500kva/400kw biogas generator

Brand Name: WAGNA

Model Number: GC400W-50B

Rated power: 400KW/500KVA

Speed: 1500/1800RPM

Frequency: 50/60HZ

Rated Voltage: 400/380/,220/230V, as request

Warranty: 1 Year or 1000hours for spare par


 Product parameters:

Soundproof 500kva/400kw biogas generator



Prime Power KVA/KW


Standby Power KVA/KW


Engine model


Fuel consumption rate(g/kw.h)


Air inlet mode

Turbocharged inter-cooler

Type of RMP regulation

Electronic regulation







Engine oil volume(L)


Coolant total volume (L) 


Dimension L*W*H(mm)




Noise level dB(A)


Ps. Data of above table changes sometime, for reference only.


Product pictures:

Soundproof 500kva/400kw biogas generator

W8BG36 445G Biogas generator.jpg

400KW Biogas generator.jpg

500KVA Biogas generator.jpg

***Picture for guidance purpose


Soundproof 500kva/400kw Biogas generator set:

Biogas generator set using biogas produced by industrial, agricultural or urban life organic waste (such as liquid lees, livestock manure, municipal waste and sewage, etc.) anaerobic fermentation, through combustion in engine driven generator work, gas generator set waste heat can be used for heating, bathing or biogas production.
300 series biogas generator set is optimized designed especially for the characteristics such as high sulfur content, high carbon dioxide content of biogas, has good stability and strong adaptability, and has great influence in the field of biogas power generation. Because the methane is high grade, clean and green energy, production cost is lower than conventional energy, so the market prospect is good.


Brand: Stamford HCI554C, Wagna, Leroy Somer

Insulation Type: H

Protection Type: IP22/23

Voltage Regulator: Automatic (AVR)


Test before shipment:

– Each Generator Set shall be put into commission more than 4 hours totally, tested on idle load, fully load and 10% overload

– Noise level shall be tested.

– All of the meters on the control panel shall be tested.

– The appearance of the Set and the label, nameplate shall be tested. ”

-Voltage available: 50Hz: 380-400-415V/ 220-230-240V; 60Hz: 220-380-416-440-480V/ 110-208-220-240V. Any special voltage is also available as client’s request.

Wagna (3).jpg 


Application Area:

Wagna (2).jpg 


After sales promise:

1. Since gen-set reached the agreed destination, its main parts will be guaranteed within 12 months or 1000 hours.  

2. We give technical guide all the service life. In the warranty days, we send spare

parts for free. After warranty, we take the spare parts cost.

3.Daily consumed components, wrong operating, lack of maintenance are not include in the quality guarantee.