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High Flexibility Brushless Alternator 100KW 125KVA Biogas Generator Biogas Generator with CSA

Brand Name: Wagna
Rated Voltage: 220V /380V
Speed: 1500rpm/1800rpm
Frequency: 50HZ/ 60HZ
Optional: Soundproof case

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Product Details

High Flexibility Brushless Alternator 100KW 125KVA Biogas Generator Biogas Generator with CSA


100KW 125KVA Biogas Generator with CSA certification is is equipped with a brushless alternator .Four of the key issues faced by power system designers are high efficiency, high reliability, low emission of carbon, and high flexibility. 


125KVA/100KW  Biogas Generator

Model Number: DL8P-50


Prime Power: 7KW 9KVA

Type: Biogas genset

Alternator: Stamford, WAGNA, Leroy Somer

Brand Name: Wagna

Rated Voltage: 220V /380V

Speed: 1500rpm/1800rpm

Frequency: 50HZ/ 60HZ

Optional: Soundproof case

Warranty: one year or 1000 hours, whichever comes first.


Product parameters:

125KVA/100KW  Biogas Generator



Prime Power KVA/KW


Standby Power KVA/KW


Engine model


Fuel consumption rate(g/kw.h)


Air inlet mode

Turbocharged inter-cooler

Type of RMP regulation

Electronic regulation







Engine oil volume(L)


Coolant total volume (L) 


Dimension L*W*H(mm)




Noise level dB(A)


Ps. Data of above table changes sometime, for reference only.


Product pictures:

125KVA/100KW  Biogas Generator

100KW Biogas generator.jpg

W6BG10 115G Biogas generator.jpg

125KVA Biogas generator.jpg

***Picture for guidance purpose



Brand ( selectable): Wagna/Stamford/Leroy-Somer etc.;


Number of Phase:3

Connecting Type:3 Phase and 4 Wires, “Y” type connecting

Number of Bearing:1

Protection Grade:IP23


Insulation Class, Temperature Rise:H/H

Alternator Capacity:140KVA

Alternator Efficiency:86.2%

Air Cooling Flow:0.15m3/s


125KVA/100KW  Biogas Generator Features:

1. Cylinder Block

High quality alloy cast iron for rigidity performance and good stability with the feature for reducing engine working vibration and noise. Wet cylinder liner with good cooling effect and work performance, more easy to replaced.

2. Crankshaft- Steel

Robust and fully balanced crankshaft design by integral  forging for a more steadily and higher strength and longer working life.The main bearing is produced by world leading quaternary spray coating process with long life and reliability.

3. Connect rod

Connect rod is made by advantage up broken type process with higher precision. It will lead to longer life for connect rod and bearing by increase the withstand impact.Steel piston is casting with aluminum alloy for better durability and boost engine output.

4. Cylinder Head and Valve

2 valves for P series and 4 valves for Q series per cylinder, Optimize the mixed air/fuel level which lead to an excellent fuel consumption rate and emission performance.High quality alloy cast iron for the cylinder head, one cylinder with one head, easy for maintenance and service.

5. Camshaft

Single camshaft for PV series engine and installed in the middle position of engine which lead to small size and low maintenance cost.

6. Intake & Exhaust System

Advanced turbocharger and water-to -air or air-to-air after cooler technology, ensure enough intake air and decrease the temperature, provide excellent emission performance.Pulse exhaust manifold increase the efficiency when engine run at lower load condition, and lead to excellent fuel consumption rate.

7. Fuel System

High pressure injection system make the fuel injector open pressure above 280bar, which lead to an excellent fuel consumption. Check valve in fuel lines improve reliability.

8. Lubrication System

Gear oil pump will supply the lubrication oil to all bearings, and cooling the piston inner through the cooling jet.

9. Cooling System

Great flux water pump provide effective cooling. Two water pump design for Q series engine, improve the performance at high load condition, and provide excellent emission performance.



Test before shipment:

– Each Generator Set shall be put into commission more than 4 hours totally, tested on idle load, fully load and 10% overload

– Noise level shall be tested.

– All of the meters on the control panel shall be tested.

– The appearance of the Set and the label, nameplate shall be tested.

-Voltage available: 50Hz: 380-400-415V/ 220-230-240V; 60Hz: 220-380-416-440-480V/ 110-208-220-240V. Any special voltage is also available as client’s request.

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Punctual delivery time:

4 . We put your order into our tight production schedule, ensure your punctual

delivery time.

5. Production / inspection report before your order packed.

6. Shipping notice/ insurance to you as soon as your order is shipped.


After sales service:

1. We respect your feed back after receive the goods.

2. We provide 12months or 1000hours warranty after goods arrive.

3. We promise all spare parts available in lifetime use.

4 . We resolve your complain within 48 hours.


Minimum quantity order : 1 pcs
Payment term: T/T 30% as deposit, 70% balance should be paid 10 days before shipment.
Delivery term: 30-40 working days after payment.
Package: Fumigation of wood and EPE Foam

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