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Low Fuel Consumption Electric Power Europe Standard 200KW 250KVA Biogas Generator

Brand Name: WAGNA
Model Number: GC200W-50B
Rated power: 180KW/219KVA
Speed: 1500/1800RPM
Frequency: 50/60HZ

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Product Details

Low Fuel Consumption Electric Power Europe Standard 200KW 250KVA Biogas Generator

200KW 250KVA Biogas Generator meet European standards . Low Fuel Consumption , reduce the cost of the use of the generator. It can give enterprises such as aquaculture, sewage treatment plants and other enterprises to reduce their operating costs.


200KW/250KVA biogas Generator

Brand Name: WAGNA

Model Number: GC200W-50B

Rated power: 180KW/219KVA

Speed: 1500/1800RPM

Frequency: 50/60HZ

Alternator brand: WAGNA Or Stamford, or other brand

Control panel: UK Deep Sea or other brand

Fuel: Bio gas


Product parameters:

200KW/250KVA biogas Generator



Prime Power KVA/KW


Standby Power KVA/KW


Engine model


Fuel consumption rate(g/kw.h)


Air inlet mode

Turbocharged inter-cooler

Type of RMP regulation

Electronic regulation







Engine oil volume(L)


Coolant total volume (L) 


Dimension L*W*H(mm)




Noise level dB(A)


Ps. Data of above table changes sometime, for reference only.


Product pictures:

200KW/250KVA biogas Generator

200KW Biogas generator.jpg

W6BG16 225G Biogas generator.jpg

250Kva Biogas generator.jpg

***Picture for guidance purpose


Product Description:

1.Specially-designed air valves, crankshaft, camshaft, pistons, ignition system and combustion chamber according to international brands gas engine technology

2. Adopting high-precision special gas engine speed governor: Precise speed governing, instant recovering ability so as to fit different loads upon the three signals: Rotating speed, load and temperature.

3. Economical and low-cost running: Lower gas and oil consumption.overhaul term: 18000~25000 hours

4. Using advanced intelligent Deep Sea genset controller: Capable computer chip, with full monitoring, control, alarm and protecting function, all-in-one configuration for all kinds of demands.

5. Electrical system: 24V cranking motor starting and battery charging system. Parallel operation with genset or city power grid for option.


Control system:

1. Automatic alarm system: the unit has the acousto-optics alarm system and arrestor for any situation as the start defeat, the water is over temperature, the oil pulls down, over speed, over load and over current


2.Operation display:

(1) Unit voltage, tri-phase load current and frequency display

(2) Water temperature, oil pressure display

(3) Fuel level, fuel temperature display

(4) Audible and visual alarm lamps and buzzers



The Advantages of the Biogas Generator:

1.Helpful to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

2.Conducive to turning waste into wealth, provide a comprehensive benefits biogas project.

3.Reduce pollution to the environment.

4.Biogas electric is a new energy in rural areas

W6BG16 225G  generator.jpg

Applications of biogas generator 200kw natural gas generator:

Biogas generator sets can be widely used for pig farm, refuse processing plant, starch production, alcohol company, chemical industry,  pharmaceutical factory, livestock farm, palm oil production factory, and etc...

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