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Popular High Efficiency Full Power Excellent Environmental 70KW 80KVA Biogas Generator

Brand Name: Wagna
Model Number: GC70W-50B
Prime Power:70kw/88kva
Speed: 1500/1800rpm
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Rated Voltage: 230/400V adjustable

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Product Details

Popular High Efficiency Full Power Excellent Environmental 70KW 88KVA Biogas Generator

The full power biogas generator is becoming widely popular.Fully excellent reflects the biogas generator 's high efficiency and energy saving, environmental protection.


88kva/70kw biogas generator

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: Wagna

Model Number: GC70W-50B

Prime Power:70kw/88kva

Speed: 1500/1800rpm

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Rated Voltage: 230/400V adjustable


Product parameters:

88kva/70kw biogas generator



Prime Power KVA/KW


Standby Power KVA/KW


Engine model


Fuel consumption rate(g/kw.h)


Air inlet mode

Naturally aspirated

Type of RMP regulation

Electronic regulation







Engine oil volume(L)


Coolant total volume (L) 


Dimension L*W*H(mm)




Noise level dB(A)


Ps. Data of above table changes sometime, for reference only.


Product pictures:

88kva/70kw biogas generator

W6BG8 55G Biogas generator.jpg 

88KVA Biogas generator.jpg

70KW Biogas generator.jpg


***Picture for guidance purpose



Brand ( selectable): Wagna/Stamford/Leroy Somer etc.;

Alternator Model · Stamford UCI274G

Excitation · Brushless, Self-excited

Insulation Class · H

Protection Class · IP23

Connection Type · Re-connectable

Voltage Regulation · ≤1.5%

Waveform · No load<1.5% and non-distorting balanced linear load<5%

Distortion THF/TIF · <2%/50%



AC/DC control panel consisting of:

Emergency Stop Button

Controller with selection for auto-start, DSE7320 monitoring and with following (and not

restricted to) features:

• · Start/Stop button

• · Hour run meter

• · Monitor engine temperature and provides shutdown protection

• · Monitor engine speed and provides shutdown protection

• · Monitor oil pressure and provides shutdown protection

• · Alarm output for abnormal operation


Optional Equipment for 25kW Biogas Generators:

1.Oil heater system

2.ATS(Automatic Transfer Switch)

3.Soundproof canopy

4.Parallel system

5.Grid-connection system

6.CHP/Cogeneration system

7.Emergency cooling system

8.Automatic oil filling system

9.Heat recovery

10. Remote control and monitoring system

Wagna (2).jpg 


Advantage for 70kW Biogas Generators:

Reliable Quality

Rich Experience, advanced technology and good selection on all parts etc. have made our gas generator sets to be more reliable and durable.


Longer Life

Good quality and regular maintenance will make our gas generator sets to keep a longer life. Usually the life will be about 5-10 years for small power; about 10-15 years for large power.


Competitive Price

We would try our best to offer every customer a reasonable and competitive price based on equality and mutual benefit.


Best Service

We have deeply known the importance of pre-sale service, after-sale service etc. for a long-term development and would be responsible for every product we sell.


High return rate of investment

Most suitable customized design and solution, more competitive price, lower fuel consumption, lower maintenance cost and longer life etc. will make you to earn a high return rate of investment.

W6BG8 55G  generator.jpg 


Our services:

Quality control

1) Engines: Only choose high quality engines with excellent quality parts like P type injectors, Bosch fuel pump etc

2) Alternators: Only choose 100% copper wires alternator, with China top brand breakers & AVR.

3) High quality parts like Deep sea, Wagna controller etc.

4) Professional 8 Hours test on 25%, 50%,75%, 100%, 110% load before delivery.


Worry-free service

1) Service before sales: professional advice for generator set choice, configurations, installation, investment amount etc to help you find what you want. No matter buy from us or not.

2) Production service: keep tracking for the progress of production, you will know how they are produced.

3) Service after sales: free instructions for installation, trouble shooting etc. Free parts are available within warranty time.