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10 Things to Know about Fuel Tanks for Diesel Generators-2
- Jun 30, 2018 -

3. Tank height: As mentioned before, the height of the tank depends on the required operating time. A 12-hour tank may be 10-12 inches tall, and a 72-hour tank may be 36 inches. The 24-inch height difference between the two options may be related to checking that the generator control panel is located below the eye height or that the rung or platform is viewing the control panel at the eye level. If the application requires a high fuel tank to achieve the required operating time, the permanent platform (or side) around the unit may be preferred for ease of maintenance and operation.

4. Runtime specified by code: Local requirements may vary by state/city. In some applications, specific runtime may be required to comply with native code. For example, in the healthcare industry, local regulations in certain regions dictate that the backup generator fuel source in critical life safety applications should be at least 48 hours. Code requirements in other areas may specify more or less.