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10 Things to Know about Fuel Tanks for Diesel Generators-3
- Jul 06, 2018 -

5. Daytime tank/extended run time: Day tanks may be a viable option when the physical size of the base tank is not adequately limited. Daytime tanks are used as a direct fuel source to receive fuel from larger fuel tanks. It can be a stand-alone fuel tank installed near the generator or a base tank that can be used as a daily tank. In either case, the day tank is usually designed to contain a small amount of fuel, which is automatically replenished by the use of pumps and controls.


6. Other regulatory requirements: In some areas, local regulations may exceed the operating time requirements for fuel tank requirements. For example, in Dallas/Fort Worth, some cities have taken additional safety and environmental protection requirements for fuel tanks, such as: ventilation of fuel tanks, leakage of fuel leaks at filling points, on-site pressure tests, and shutoff of high fuel oil levels. shut down. These requirements or similar requirements are also being adopted in other parts of the United States. When there is a problem, the local fire brigade usually has jurisdiction and can provide detailed information.