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A Brief Analysis Of The Attentions For The Starting
- Apr 12, 2018 -

The diesel generator set must be operated by the personnel who are familiar with the unit structure and have safety operation rules. The new or newly overhauled diesel engine must run in accordance with the regulations for 60 hours, and do the necessary maintenance.

  Before a new or long term generator is put into normal operation, a strict inspection must be carried out to check the insulation and wiring of the windings and so on. If there is any discrepancy, it is necessary to carry out the necessary treatment.

  After starting, the engine speed should be increased slowly. After checking and confirming all the good conditions, it can carry out the no-load operation at low speed to rated speed. When no load is running, it is important to check the oil pressure, the abnormal noise, the exciting current and the three phase voltage change. If there is any abnormal condition, it should stop immediately. After finding out the situation, start again. If everything is normal, it can be put into normal operation. Operators should closely monitor the changes of the meters on the control panel, whether they are in the scope of licensing, and make corresponding adjustments.

  During operation, operators should keep safe distance from live equipment and wear protective equipment. Attention should be paid to order in switching operation. For example, interruption of branch switches should be done before interruption, then the main switch should be disconnected and the switch position of quadrupole double throw switch can be carried out. When the power is sent, the order is reversed. The normal shutdown should first load off some load and then turn off the main switch. Finally, the diesel engine is not allowed to shut off the main switch, and the engine will automatically cut off with the diesel engine stalling. After the shutdown, routine inspection is done for the unit, and record the operation condition (work diary).


  In case of electric shock, the power switch should be cut off or the power supply will be cut off or off the power supply quickly. Then rescue and ask the doctor to rescue the scene. In case of electrical equipment flood, the relevant power shall be cut off immediately, and the local power supply office shall be reported, and then the fire fighting is carried out. For fire fighting equipment, dry type fire extinguishers and carbon dioxide fire extinguishers should be used.

  Safety operation rules for diesel generator set:

1, after receiving the driving signal, check the lubrication of the diesel engine carefully in the prescribed oil level, check the oil and water, remove the unrelated articles on the edge of the machine, and confirm that the oil and water temperature is not less than 20 degrees C, so it can be started.

2, the pipeline valves should be in a closed position, and the connection of the transmission mechanism should be fastened well.

3, turn the crankshaft of the diesel engine 720 degrees. The internal parts should be in normal state, and the operation handle of the speed control can be turned to the starting position.

4, check whether the voltage of the power supply is normal, close the brake knife and press the start button, immediately release the diesel engine after ignition, when the pressure of the lubricating oil comes to the specified value, then slowly accelerates to the voltage 380V frequency 50Hz, and then the load can be carried.

5, if the two can not afford to start, because careful inspection to identify the reasons, troubleshooting and then start to the relevant staff.

6, check the changes of oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature and load regularly, and make sure that all idle people enter the work area.

7, the duty officer must stick to his post and do his job well.

8, after receiving the stop signal, gradually remove load, slow down to 850 rpm, idling for 2-3 minutes each, close the throttle stop.

9, after shutdown, close the valve or open the system, check the consumption of oil and water, and make a good supply, carry out the maintenance of the equipment, remove the maintenance of the equipment, and eliminate the faults in the work.