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Add engine oil correctly
- May 12, 2017 -

The diesel generator sets are in high speed operation at work, and the friction produced by the machine when it runs at high speed is that lubricating oil plays a role in protecting the mechanical parts. Therefore, the amount of lubricating oil also plays a decisive role in the operation of diesel generator sets. More than the amount of oil, not only affect the power, but also will leave behind the hidden trouble of the car, if the oil is less, mechanical parts lubrication is not in place, exacerbated by mechanical wear, more likely to cause trouble. So how do we check the amount of lube oil in the correct way? Today, Yangzhou Kai Kai generator manufacturers to discuss such a problem.

A: the use of the general lubricating oil level has little to do with the performance of the engine. The user may refer to the following instructions:

A: naturally aspirated engines use an oil level of CC or CD. It is recommended that this model of engine use CD grade oil;

Two: the engine oil used in turbocharged II medium cooling engine is CF class;

Three: state III turbocharged, cooling, electronic control engine oil used for grades CF or above CF level.

B: the correct way to check the oil quantity of diesel generator sets:

1 、 the diesel generator sets are placed on the relative level and smooth surface of the road.

2. The unit that has just shut down should be pulled out 10 minutes after the stop, then pull out the oil dipstick, observe the oil in the oil gauge between the upper and lower calibration position, to determine whether the oil in the oil sump needs to be added. Remember to pull out the oil dipstick immediately after the stop and check the oil quantity in the oil pan. At this time the check result can not really reflect the amount of oil in the oil pan.

3, such as the oil in the sump has been lower than the oil dipstick down line, you need to add oil in time. First unscrew the filling, then filling amount and oil pan in the same grade, the level of oil. Wait for 10 minutes, then check the amount of filler oil is consistent with the requirements, the oil surface height should be in the oil dipstick on the line between the middle and the line.

Remember that the amount of oil filling is not too much, the oil level on the scale beyond the oil line, the engine working condition, will cause the engine oil string, and respirator blue smoke phenomenon.