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An introduction to the cooling system of the radiator of a generator set
- Dec 18, 2017 -

In order to reduce the diesel generating set because of overheating and other causes of failure, the generator manufacturers to remind users in the process of using the generator set must pay attention to the unit ventilation and cooling. Thermal performance of the generator set directly affects the operation of the diesel generator set. The gensets' cooling devices usually include two types, one is the radiator cooling system and the other is the heat exchanger cooling system. Specific diesel generator radiator cooling system, let us look at the introduction of generator manufacturers and technical personnel.

  An important benefit of a radiator cooling system is that it is self-contained. If a common source of power is cut off by a storm or accident, it may shut off the water supply and render all generators cooled by the public water supply inoperable. Whether cooling equipment is installed on a generator or installed remotely, it is important to have access to the maintenance cooling system. Because the radiator filter cap, cooling faucet, the engine room must enter the tight belt to operate.

  1, split radiator. An electric motor-driven split radiator that can be installed anywhere on the generator's gold. This radiator cost is relatively high, but the effect is also very good, but not limited by the engine room and other environments. Mainly used for high-power diesel generator cooling.

  2, mounted on the generator on the radiator. The radiator is fixed to the generator base in front of the engine. A belt-driven fan blows wind into the radiator core and cools the cooling water flowing through the radiator. There are two types of genset radiators, one is a radiator with a cooling fan and one is a radiator made up of an external fan, a driving wheel and an adjustable belt tensioner. When using the generator set radiator, the air discharged from the radiator is taken outdoors by the air duct connected to the radiator, and the engine should be installed as close as possible to the outside so that the air duct is as short as possible.

  Another cooling method - heat exchange cooling can be used in natural water supply is sufficient, with a heat exchanger instead of the radiator, the engine coolant through the heat exchanger to circulate, and by the natural water to cool, the same cooling cooling can be achieved Effect.

  The above is the generator manufacturers to the user introduced the radiator cooling system, hoping to bring help to the user. Generator cooling cooling system is very important, users in the process of using the generator set should pay attention to the unit cooling system inspection.