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Analysis of several reasons for uneven speed of diesel generator set
- Oct 18, 2017 -

The speed is very concerned about the many diesel generator customer problems, so we first look at the speed of uneven performance, and then follow the star to understand the common causes of uneven speed. The engine

speed is not uniform and have the following two forms: One is swing, the sound is clear, generally called the "breath" or "hunting"; the other is the speed fluctuations in the small amplitude range, the sound is not easy to distinguish, easily appear at low speeds, and will lead to extinction diesel engine. The reason of uneven speed of diesel engine is due to the abnormal resistance of the parts of the fuel pump and governor, and the governor's response is slow. There are many specific factors, generally may have the following 8 points.


(1) Individual cylinders do not work. If the cylinder of a multi-cylinder diesel engine does not work, its operation will be unstable and the explosion noise will be uneven. You can use the stop cylinder method to find out which cylinder doesn't catch fire.


(2) Uneven oil supply. When the diesel engine is running, the cylinder with more oil supply has strong work, knocking and black smoke. Less oil supply cylinder, work weak, or even work. Finally, the speed of diesel engine is uneven.


(3) The diesel supply system contains air and water, and the oil pump works abnormally.


(4) When the fuel supply time is too early, it is easy to produce high speed "car", but it is stable at low speed.


(5) The oil quantity of the fuel injection pump regulates the gear bar or the shifting fork rod, which leads to the decrease of the sensitivity of the governor.


(6) Nozzle burning or dripping oil.


(7) The valve clearance is not right.


(8) Speed regulation is not timely, causing the diesel engine speed instability. When the governor in the joints of steel ball or hammer wear gap increases, and other moving parts are jamming and the speed of spring failure, then the governor to overcome the resistance or to eliminate the gap, to move the control rack or fork rod or the amount of oil. Because the speed is not timely, the speed is high and low. For the combination of injection pump 135 or 105 and other models, open the fuel pump cover, you can see the regulating rod regularly moving repeatedly. If the diesel engine is running lightly, the rod will vibrate at this moment.