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As the weather gets colder, some methods of using diesel generators are undesirable
- Nov 02, 2017 -

Has been into the late autumn, the weather gradually cool, some areas of the temperature has dropped to very low. With the temperature drop, the diesel generator set often have some minor problems, some people often use some incorrect way to make the diesel engine damage, there are six kinds of diesel engine at low temperature is not desirable:

1.Heat the fuel tank with open flame. With the fire to heat the fuel tank, not only will damage the surface of the body paint, and easy to burn the plastic tubing, resulting in oil spills, and even because of the rapid expansion of gas within the tank and explosion, resulting in the body was destroyed and casualties.

2.Bake the sump with open flames. Baking the oil pan with open flame, both affect the life of the engine, but also easy to make oil deterioration, reduce the lubrication effect.

3.No cooling water at start-up. If you do not install the cooling water at the start, and then start the cooling after the diesel engine, it will make the temperature rise of the water tank due to cold water and lead to the body, cylinder head cracks.

4.Add oil from the intake pipe. From the intake pipe to add oil, the piston and piston ring carbon deposition, reduce the service life.

5.Remove the air filter to start the fire. Remove the air filter to start the fire, will make clean air into the cylinder, valves and other moving parts, exacerbate the wear and tear of these components.

6.Without preheating and forced to start with other power. Diesel engine without preheating, and forced to start with other powers, will make the crankshaft and the bearing between the dry friction or semi-dry friction state, it is easy to lead to crankshaft tile.

With the changes in the season, the use of diesel generating units also need to pay attention to some special places, the six stars hope that we can learn to use, and the winter will soon come, but also hope that we can understand the knowledge in advance, so as not to time Come to solve the problem, delay your work.