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Cause of poor heat dissipation of diesel generator set
- Jun 11, 2018 -

If the heat dissipation is not good, the diesel generating set will cause many other failures, such as the power drop of the unit, the sudden stop of the generator set, the odor of the unit, the Unsmoked smoke, the black smoke and so on.

1. Heat sink radiator block or damage.

The cooling fan does not work or the heat sink is blocked, so that the temperature of the coolant can not be lowered, the heat sink is rusted, resulting in leakage phenomenon, and it can also cause bad circulation.

2. Thermostat failure.

The engine combustion chamber is equipped with a thermostat designed to control the engine combustion chamber temperature. The thermostat must be fully opened at the specified temperature (82 degrees) to facilitate the small cycle. If there is no thermostat, the coolant cannot maintain the cycle temperature. A low temperature alarm will be generated.

3. The coolant level of the generator set is too low or does not meet the requirements.

The low liquid level can directly cause the temperature of the coolant to rise and the coolant does not circulate. The coolant is 50% antifreeze 50% demineralized water according to the regulations. If it does not comply with the regulations, the pipeline will be blocked and the rust will appear in the pipe wall. Do not allow the coolant to circulate properly.

4. Water Pump failure.

Check whether the pump works well. If you find that the gear shaft of the pump has worn out excessively, it means that the pump has no effect and it needs to be replaced before it can cycle properly.

5. The exhaust system is malfunctioning.

Generator set cooling system mixed with air, causing the pipeline is not open, the expansion tank suction valve, exhaust valve damage also directly affect the cycle, this time should always check their pressure values are in line with the provisions of the suction pressure is 10kpa, Exhaust pressure is 40kpa, in addition to the exhaust pipe is also an important reason for circulation.

Therefore, everybody must pay attention to the operation status during the operation of the unit. Once the unsatisfactory phenomena such as the drop in power of the unit are found, it is clear whether the failure is caused by the poor heat dissipation. Find out where the fault is located in time and solve it, so that the unit can be restored to The best condition to avoid loss to the user.