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Daily maintenance of diesel generator oil tank
- Oct 14, 2017 -

If the diesel oil in the fuel tank is not clean, it is likely to cause the wear or corrosion of the precision coupling parts

such as the fuel system plunger, the oil outlet valve and the nozzle needle valve of the generator set, thus greatly

reducing the reliability and durability of the machine operation. Therefore, we must pay attention to the daily

maintenance of the fuel tank. Specific points for attention are as follows:

1) Before adding fuel tank, diesel oil should be deposited above 48h, so as to avoid impurities in the oil into the fuel tank.


2) The vent holes on the fuel tank cover must be regularly removed, if the blockage will cause negative pressure in the box,

and reduce the oil pressure and reduce the fuel supply, so that the power of the diesel engine can not fully play.


3) Should master the oil in the oil tank volume at any time machine in the work process, the lack of oil should be added in time,

so as to prevent the exhaustion of oil caused the dirty oil or air into the fuel system, thus affecting the normal operation of diesel engine.


4) Before each stop, the tank should be filled with oil, so as to avoid the night empty tank internal condensation due to water droplets

and into the diesel. In addition, before starting work, should open the tank drain valve to discharge the bottom sediment, dirty oil or water.


5) When the fuel tank leaks or the switch is not closed, it pollutes the environment, fires easily, wastes diesel oil, and increases the operation cost. At this point, we should stop welding repair or replace the switch, must not continue to work, otherwise in the machine vibration leakage will become more and more serious, and cause greater losses.


6) Tank cleaning. The machine has been used for a long time, the tank in contact with air or diesel tank wall will generate a lot of dirt, some sink bottom, the other part is attached to the wall of the box. At the same time, inevitably every refueling process

has dust dust or moisture into the tank. Therefore, the engine should be cleaned once every 1500~2000h,

otherwise it will be polluted even if all the clean diesel oil is added.