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Diesel Generating Set Types and Functions
- Sep 05, 2017 -

Diesel generating units

In the communication system, switches and other DC load, AC load is powered by the mains power supply. (DC load depends on the mains provided after rectification). Once the mains interruption, AC load synchronous power, immediately stop working; battery pack to provide DC load work time is limited, with the battery capacity of the gradual decline in the DC load to stop the work will soon appear. Therefore, in the city power outage, power generation and timely power supply is very important. Overview Diesel generators are self-owned power station AC power supply equipment of a type, is a small and medium-sized independent power generation equipment. Because it has a flexible, less investment, can be activated at any time and other characteristics, widely used in communications, mining, road construction, forest, farmland irrigation and drainage, field construction and national defense engineering and other departments.


Composition of diesel generator set

Diesel generator set consists of two parts: diesel engine, generator. With the diesel engine as the driving force to drive the three-phase alternator to provide power, the diesel engine and the generator through the connector firmly connected together, so that the diesel engine to 1500 r / min (when the generator is two pairs of poles) drag the generator synchronous operation , The generator sends 330V / 220V, 50Hz AC, through the power cable, sent to the generator distribution screen, through the power cable to the electricity, oil machine conversion screen, which screen to the AC distribution screen, assigned to the load.


Types and functions of the unit

There are many types of generator sets, which can be classified into the following types according to their structure, control mode and protection function.

1, the basic unit This type of unit is the most common, by the diesel engine, closed water tank, fuel tank, muffler, synchronous alternator, excitation voltage regulator, control box (screen), coupling and chassis and other components. Unit with voltage and speed automatic adjustment function. Usually as a main power supply or standby power supply.

2, self-starting unit The unit is based on the basic unit to increase the automatic control system. It has the function of automation. When the power is too low, the oil temperature or cooling water temperature is too high, can automatically issue sound and light alarm signal ; When the unit speeding, can automatically stop for emergency protection.

3, the computer control automation unit The unit consists of the performance of the diesel engine, three-phase brushless synchronous generator, automatic fuel supply device, automatic oil supply device, automatic cooling water supply device and automatic control panel composition. Automatic control screen using programmable automatic controller PLC control. In addition to its self-starting, self-switching, self-running, since the input and self-shutdown and other functions, and with a variety of fault alarm and automatic protection device, in addition, it RS232 communication interface, and the host computer connection, To achieve remote control, remote and telemetry, so unattended. 4, the structure of the unit Introduction Modern diesel engine generator by the diesel engine, three-phase AC brushless synchronous generator, control box (screen), cooling water tank, coupling, fuel tank, muffler and common base components such as rigid overall. In addition to the power of the larger control panel, fuel tank installed separately, the other main components are installed in the steel welded from the common base, easy to move and install.

The flywheel shell of the diesel engine and the front end of the generator are integrally connected with the shoulder, and the generator is rotated directly by the flywheel using a cylindrical elastic coupling. This connection is fixed by the screws together, so that the two together into a rigid body, to ensure that the diesel engine crankshaft and generator rotor concentricity within the allowable range. In order to reduce the vibration of the unit, in the diesel engine, generators, water tanks and electrical control box and other major components and the connection of the common chassis, usually equipped with shock absorbers or rubber dampers.