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Diesel generating units prone to failure analysis?
- May 12, 2017 -

Oil leakage is a common malfunction of diesel generator sets. What are the causes of oil leakage in the process of using diesel generator sets? Yangzhou Kaiquan diesel generator manufacturers: in general, because the engine has many of the pressure seal, such as cylinder piston ring, turbo - Supercharger rotor shaft, this seal usually has about 1/3 load on the engine, to give full play to the role, and load hours there may be slight leakage phenomenon, it may appear the following fault:

1 piston - cylinder seal is not good, oil channeling, into the combustion chamber, the exhaust take the blue smoke;

2. for turbocharged diesel engine, due to low load and no-load, low pressure boost. It is easy to reduce the sealing effect of the diesel engine turbocharger oil seal (non contact), and the oil enters the pressurized chamber and enters the cylinder along with the air intake;

The 3 part of the oil cylinder sneaked in combustion, a part of the oil is not completely burned, carbon deposit in the valve, inlet, piston, piston ring, and part of it with the exhaust, aggregation or formation of coke in the exhaust pipe, when gathering oil and carbon deposit to a certain extent will flow from at the interface of the exhaust manifold;

4. supercharger supercharger room oil accumulation to a certain extent, it will leak from the turbocharger joint surface leakage;

5. long term small load operation will lead to more severe wear and tear of moving parts and deterioration of engine combustion environment, which will lead to heavy repair ahead of schedule.

Diesel generator set oil leakage treatment methods: use should minimize the low load / no-load running time, and the minimum load shall not be less than the rated power of the unit 25%-30%.