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Diesel generator operator should stop the following mistake operation
- Oct 23, 2017 -

Diesel generator operator should stop the following mistake operation


(1) No water starting:The ignition of diesel generator, adding cooling water, easy to cause the body parts heating up too fast, accelerated wear; hot and cold is easy to cause the body to burst.

(2) The motor starts for a long time:With a motor starting time is too long, the battery for a long time, high current discharge, easy to produce plate bending; excessive discharge easily lead to plate vulcanization, the battery scrapped.

(3) Traction start:Cold car forced operation, easy to increase the transmission mechanism, walking wear and mechanical accidents.

(4) Grading start:Due to the diesel engine has not been preheated, lubricating oil viscosity, poor lubrication, easy to exacerbate the locomotive wear and hold the tile, easier to brake failure caused by a car accident.

(5) Fire start:When the fire, the need to remove the air filter, so that the external dust directly into the cylinder. Easy to produce knock, causing damage to the body; easy to increase carbon deposition, to accelerate the cylinder, piston, piston ring wear, resulting in power decline.

(6) Feed the gasoline into the intake pipe:This is very dangerous, diesel engine after the fire, easy to produce knock, will increase the impact of sports parts load, damage to parts; also easy to cause speed, carbon and diesel engine instantaneous temperature overheating.

(7) Open fire burning start:Winter with a fire car preheating, prone to fire; burn the circuit; so that the oil pan shell; local temperature, easy to make oil deterioration.

(8) The maximum throttle starts:The throttle on the maximum position to start, easy to cause too much fuel into the cylinder, mixed gas is too thick, more difficult to start; start, the sharp rise in speed, easy to cause damage and wear parts.

(9) Add oil to the cylinder:At the time of injection into the cylinder into the oil, easy to form a large number of carbon deposition, affecting the valve and crank rod mechanism life.

(10) When the flame is thrown, the throttle is ready for the next time:Some guards stop the flame when the boom a few throttle, that the next start easy, so easy to cause fuel waste, increase economic losses, and will exacerbate wear and damage between the parts.