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Diesel Generator Sets Use Harmful Cleaners
- Jun 26, 2018 -

In the daily maintenance of diesel generator sets, cleanliness accounts for a large proportion, and many users are aware of this, but they have a problem with the choice of cleaners. Poor cleaners not only fail to achieve a good cleaning effect, but also, in severe cases, can degenerate into damage to the unit. Here we will introduce the dangers of using low-quality cleaners to diesel generator sets.

1. The filter element made of inferior filter paper, due to its large filter aperture, poor homogeneity and low filtration efficiency, can not effectively remove harmful impurities from the unit, which may cause premature wear of the unit.

2. The use of inferior adhesives is neither oil nor solid, so it will cause a short circuit at the filter joint or a staple connection at the seam of the filter element. It will not seal and short circuit, resulting in a large number of harmful impurities entering the unit, resulting in shortened The service life of the unit.

3. If ordinary rubber parts are used instead of oil-resistant rubber parts, internal short-circuits of the filter during use or due to seal failure of internal seals will result in early wear of the unit, shortened life, or oil filters due to expansion and deformation of the outer seals. Extruding the outer sealing ring caused a large amount of oil drain in a short period of time, causing the unit to burn tiles and hold the shaft and suffer serious damage.

4. If the spot welding is used instead of seam welding at the welding parts of the air filter housing parts, the sealing performance cannot be guaranteed and a short circuit will be formed.

5. The center tube material of the oil filter is thin and thick, and the strength is not enough. In the process of use, the center tube sucks, the filter element breaks and blocks the oil circuit, resulting in insufficient lubrication of the unit; or the reliability of the mouthpiece is poor, and the bite during use is bad. The mouth is pulled open, resulting in a large amount of oil leakage in a short period of time, resulting in burning tile, holding the shaft.

6. The metal parts such as filter end caps, center tubes, and shells are not subjected to rust-proof treatment, resulting in metal rust and impurities, making the filter a pollution source. What's more, using cement instead of adhesives is more harmful.