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Discussion on maintenance method of Volvo generator set
- May 12, 2017 -

Volvo diesel generator set imported from the original Swedish VOLVO engine, because of its reliable performance, strong horsepower, green, user-friendly security design won the favor of global customers. And widely used in automobiles, construction machinery, ships and other power part. Using advanced technology to optimize the combustion process, reduce the continuous load operating costs, optimize the design of the shock absorber, the exact match of the supercharger and low-speed cooling fan to reduce the noise when the unit is running, the discharge of the German TALuft standard, Far better than the German TALuft standard. Volvo has been fully committed to reducing diesel fuel consumption and emissions research. Yangzhou Kai all generating units manufacturers to explain:

Diesel engine in the daily use of the process to pay attention to maintenance, according to the maintenance process can be divided into four levels of maintenance.

Class A maintenance

1, the date: in the course of use to ensure daily maintenance, daily inspection of diesel generator sets of work and recorded. To check the diesel generator unit's oil plane, coolant plane. Daily inspection of diesel generating units with or without damage, blending, blending, belt wear and whether loose.

2, set week: first to repeat the date of a diesel generator set inspection. Check the air cleaner, clean or replace the air cleaner core. And then empty the fuel tank and clean the water or sediment in the fuel filter. Check the water filter and start the battery, and check the cooler front and rear heat sink and clean with water.

Class B maintenance

(250 hours or once a month), oil filter (250 hours or once a month), replace and check the coolant (water filter replacement cycle is 250-300), on the basis of maintenance, on a regular basis to replace the diesel generator oil (250 hours or once a month) Hour, supplement the coolant DCA in the cooling system), and replace the air filter (air filter replacement cycle is 500-600 hours)

Class C maintenance

1, replace the diesel filter, oil filter, water filter, replace the water tank and oil.

2, adjust the fan belt tightness.

3, check the supercharger.

4, demolition, inspection and cleaning PT pump, actuator.

5, open the rocker chamber cover, check the Ding plate, valve guide and into the exhaust valve.

6, adjust the nozzle lift; adjust the valve clearance.

7, check the charging generator.

8, check the tank radiator and clean the water tank external radiator.

9, inside the tank filled with water tank, cleaning the water tank inside.

10, check the diesel engine sensors and connecting wires.

11, check the diesel engine case box.

D grade maintenance

1, replacement of oil, diesel, bypass, water filter, replacement of oil and engine circulating water.

2, clean or replace the air filter. Open the rocker chamber cover, check the valve guide, T-plate.

3, check the adjustment valve clearance. Replace the rocker arm up and down pad. Check the fan and bracket, and adjust the belt. Check the supercharger.

4, check the diesel generator sets electrical lines. Check the motor excitation part of the line. , Check the instrument box connection line.

5, check the tank and external cleaning. Repair or replace the pump. Dismantling the main bearing pad and connecting rod wear.

6, check or adjust the electronic speed control work. Aiming at the lubrication of the diesel generator set lubrication.

7, for the diesel generator excitation part of the dust removal work.

8, check the supercharger axial and radial clearance, such as ultra-poor should be promptly repaired.

9, regular cleaning and correction of fuel injectors, fuel pump.