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Emergency backup power is a must-have for homeowners
- Jun 23, 2018 -


Bad weather is the one of the reasons for the blackout in the many countries. Over the past decade, the number and severity of these disruptions have dramatically increased, causing physical, emotional, and economic hardship for many people. The following are some helpful hints about how to protect families and families during the next major power outage.

Which option is best for you?


Portable Generators

Designed for commercial sites, camps, back doors and other portable settings

Supply a small amount of electrical power through the extension cord

Must be present to operate and refuel

In order to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, it must be safe to operate away from home and open windows

No need to install

Use gasoline or diesel




Standby Generators

Permanently connected to a home like a central air conditioning unit

Use propane or natural gas (self-ignition fuel)

Automatically open when power is lost; homeowners do not need to be present

Powers all devices in the home, including heating, HVAC, lighting, appliances and sensitive electronics