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Emergency diesel generating units pay more attention to the following parts maintenance
- Oct 26, 2017 -

According to the understanding of the application of diesel generating units in residential quarters, the current equipment used, fire standby power diesel generator set maintenance management work is not in place. In many cases, the diesel generator set can be installed after the normal operation, but a long time on the maintenance of the negligence led to the equipment but not up.

  Everyone to see, diesel generator manufacturers for everyone to organize the focus of the maintenance of it .Emergency diesel generator sets should pay more attention to the following parts maintenance.


(1)The maintenance of the start battery:Due to the use of spare diesel generator power less. Diesel generators can start normally, the battery maintenance is the key. Such as electricity, such as neglecting the maintenance of the battery pack, will lead to battery power shortage, resulting in the generator can not start normally, can not guarantee to automatically in the 30S standby power supply, causing other accidents. In the event of high-rise fires, the secondary water supply does not operate at the time of starting the power supply, resulting in insufficient water pressure and no water to cause the fire loss to expand. Common situation is: there is voltage, but the current can not lead the shaft, can not start. At the same time the battery pack current shortage can not stop. It is required to match the voltage phase level match the float charger equipment to ensure that the charging device normal charge, stop. Often check the start of the battery layer in a timely

manner correct and timely rehydration, to ensure the normal level of the liquid. Keep the battery pack clean. Found to start the battery pack failure or other reasons can not be normal, stop standby power supply, the battery should be replaced in time.


(2)The maintenance of the start solenoid valve:Check the surface of the starting solenoid valve regularly for oil. Its contact is ablated, so that the solenoid valve to maintain a good working condition. Can be heard by listening to the sound to judge, under normal circumstances, when you press the start button, 3s after the start. In this 3s can be heard within the "click, click" sound. If you can not hear the second sound, then the solenoid valve is damaged, the generator can not start. The solenoid valve can be replaced after the start.


(3)Pay attention to the inspection of diesel and oil:Because the unit in a long standby state, the unit itself with a variety of materials, oil, cooling water, diesel, air and other complex chemical and physical changes, and ultimately cause high-pressure pump plunger corrosion, the unit poor fuel supply, of course, can not be normal Start running. Thus the unit "put" bad. For this reason should pay attention to the problem of oil. Therefore, standby emergency generating units should be regularly maintenance and inspection and start the test machine to ensure that the unit's good condition. Different types of civil high-rise buildings according to the different geographical and urban supply and design of the different diesel engine models and sizes vary widely, so maintenance can not be developed on a unified standard, according to the specific circumstances, different uses to develop Different maintenance, maintenance, management system.