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Fast economic growth countries in Africa-2
- Jun 09, 2018 -

Is Africa very poor? Not really.

China has been assisting Africa since the last century. In addition to the Internet or television news, we can all see that Africa is short of water, and there is rioting at every turn. It gives us the impression that Africa is very poor and messy.

But is real Africa like this? Historically, Africa once originated from the Guininese language, meaning “grey soil.” Although Africa was named after the Phoenician era, Africa’s history is very long. In 20,000 years, there was a pottery in Algeria, Africa. The statue, that is to say at that time, Africa already had civilization.

Africa has always been regarded as the origin of human beings, but the people here suffered a cruel fate. Since 1441, Africans were sold as slaves, opening the criminal black slave trade and killing countless black people. Later it became a colony. After independence, Africa emerged as a third-world country in the eyes of the world. Poverty became the hat of Africans. However, these countries in Africa are actually not poor. Compared to China, they dumped several streets in China. Today, Let's look at which countries are.


The Seychelles country must have heard many Chinese people have heard that they had invited the People's Liberation Army to visit military bases. This news has caused a sensation.

This place was colonized by Portugal and France, and finally Britain ran to fight. Finally in 1814, Seychelles became a British colony.

Seeing so many nations rushing to colonize it, we should be able to guess that there must be something good for this. Indeed, Seychelles’s fishery resources are quite abundant. Seychelles is a maritime country with a land area of only 455.8 square kilometers, but the country’s forest resources amount to 2,000 hectares.

Relying on marine fisheries, the tourism industry in Seychelles has also developed well. With the help of natural resources, Seychelles’ economy has been greatly developed. Its per capita GDP reached US$14,466, which is almost twice that of China.

China’s GDP is 8280, equivalent to RMB 54916. It seems that many Chinese do not have this level.


Equatorial Guinea 

Equatorial Guinea used to be a colony of Portugal. It was colonized more than once. It was not until 1964 that it declared independence. Equatorial Guinea became one of the most underdeveloped countries in the world after independence. Later, it discovered a lot of oil resources in its territorial sea. There is money for oil, and the economy of Equatorial Guinea has developed rapidly since then. Its per capita GDP is as high as 12,541 U.S. dollars, which is far higher than China's, and it is here that everyone in the country is cold-hearted! It has only been a few years since the world’s least developed countries entered the ranks of developed countries.




Those who like to travel must have heard of Mauritius. It is located on an island in the east of Africa. The entire country is composed of small islands. It was successively ruled by the countries such as Britain, France, and France. It was not until 1968 that it became a separate country from colonial rule. Until 1505, the island remained unoccupied until the arrival of the Portuguese and the Dutch. There is no army in this country. There are only police and special mobile teams. There are 5,000 police officers and 1,500 special mobile teams. This person mainly maintains the security of the country and the management of the coast. Mauritius is dominated by tourism, and its tourism is quite developed. Big stars Jiang Qinqin and Chen Jianbin once held weddings in Mauritius. Today, Mauritius is known as the five major marriage and honeymoon resorts.