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Fault handling method of diesel generator fuel pump
- Nov 15, 2017 -

1.The wear of fuel injection pump leads to diesel oil

  This failure is manifested as: the oil was significantly increased, and accompanied by diesel flavor, serious from the plus port or vents out of the oil. For the piston pump, diesel into the oil, there are only two ways; diesel directly from the pump body side of the gap into the fuel pump room under the oil; injection pump sub-pump piston wear exceeded, resulting in sub-pump Internal leakage, internal leakage of diesel oil will flow into the lubricating oil.

  The solution is to open the fuel injection pump side cover, start the engine, if there is diesel spilled at the plunger of the sub-pump, indicating that the sub-plunger piston wear exceeds the limit, the plunger should be replaced and should be verified on the test bench Fuel injection pump. Remove the pump hand pump oil pump, if the pump pump side of the gap at the diesel oil emerge, prove that the pump is faulty. Also can remove the oil pump and the connecting tubing, tighten the hand pump, plug the oil pump outlet, from its inlet into the pressure of 0.4MPa gas, if the roller side of the gap gas emerge, then prove that the oil pump Faulty, should be replaced.


2.The oil leakage at the oil outlet of the injection pump is related to the high pressure

  The reason for the failure is that the concave outlet of the injection pump and the round convex high pressure leak the oil due to the lax sealing on the street caused by abrasion. The solution is to add a concave round copper pad to the concave connector of the fuel pump outlet. This pad in the school have the pump factory, and can be free with the school pump, injector and high pressure tubing connections Department of oil leakage can also use this method, the practice proved very effective.


3.Fracture of fuel injection pump shaft

  If the fuel pump 4 fine bolts are not tight, when the engine is working, the loose pump and the pump seat dry, and then the greater the gap, will eventually lead to the installation of injection pump displacement occurs, the fuel pump and drive shaft is different Heart and broken shaft.

  The solution is to use a suitable thickness of copper for pad, pad between the pump and the pump base. Eliminate the gap. When installing the injection pump, clean the threaded holes first, and then tighten the four fixing bolts to the specified torque,

and check the concentricity of the injection pump shaft and the transmission shaft. If they do not meet the standards, they should be readjusted. It is recommended to disassemble the pump together with the pump seat.

  Since the fuel injection pump is the core component of the engine in a diesel generator set, the user must have the proper maintenance of the fuel injection pump in place. Fuel pump is not free to disassemble or adjust, if it must be disassembled to ensure that in a clean environment to operate.