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Five conditions to extend the life of the generator
- Sep 11, 2017 -

The use of generators are more and more widely, but the generator repair costs are relatively high, once the damage on the need for repair, replacement. In fact, long life depends also on how to normally use the generator set, if used in accordance with the skills used to maintain the use, will directly increase its life time. Here to share the five-point generator to extend the service life of the small coup:


1. The generator running.

This is the basis for extending the life of the diesel engine. Whether it is a new engine or an overhauled engine, it must be in accordance with the regulations and can be put into normal operation.


2. The generator must be running enough oil, enough water and enough air.

If the oil supply is insufficient or interrupted, will make the engine lubrication is bad, the body wears serious or even burning phenomenon; if the cooling water will make the machine temperature is too high, power down, wear and tear, shorten the service life; if the air supply is not timely or interrupted , There will be difficult to start, bad combustion, power down, the engine can not run properly and so on.


3. Must be clean oil, water net, clean air and body net.

If the diesel is not pure, will make the precision with the body wear, with the gap increases, resulting in oil spills, drip oil, oil pressure decreases, the gap becomes larger, and even cause oil blockage, axle, burner and other serious failures; The air will contain a lot of dust, will accelerate the cylinder, piston and piston ring wear; if the cooling water is not pure, will make the cooling system due to scale clogging, hinder the engine cooling, lubrication conditions worse, serious body wear; Net, will make the surface corrosion, shorten the service life.


4. The relevant technical adjustment of the generator.

Check the valve clearance, gas phase, fuel supply advance angle, fuel injection pressure and ignition timing and so should be promptly checked and adjusted to ensure that the engine is in good condition, can save fuel and extend the service life.


5. The generator fastening parts of the inspection.

Due to diesel engine and gasoline engine in the course of the impact by the impact of shock and load uneven, bolts, nuts easy to loose. All parts of the adjustment bolts should be checked, so as to avoid loosening of the body caused by the accident.

In order to extend the life of the generator, and its efficiency, in addition to seasonal maintenance, but can not ignore the daily maintenance of the generator, only from the subtle start, can effectively use the generators.