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Gas generator principle
- Jun 25, 2018 -

Gas generator sets include many generator sets, such as: wind turbine generators, diesel generator sets, and the principles of gas generators that are highlighted today for everyone:

Gas generator set includes: engine, generator, controller, optional device pressure regulator filter, gas-liquid (vapor-liquid) separator, etc. The engine and generator are coaxially connected and placed on the chassis of the complete machine. The muffler and the governor are connected to the engine, and the gas source leads into the gas channel in the engine, the recoil starter with a rope on the engine, and the voltage regulator connected to the output of the generator. The combustible gas contained in the gas source is natural gas, or liquefied petroleum gas, or biogas. The use of gas-fired generating sets and gasoline-powered generating sets has reduced environmental pollution compared to diesel-powered generating sets. It is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving generator. And the structure is simple, the use of safe and reliable, the output voltage and frequency stability.

The fuel gas pressure regulator and filter device of the gas generator set is the main and key equipment of the gas transmission and distribution process, which mainly bears the functions of voltage regulation and voltage regulation, and also has one or more functions such as filtration, measurement, odorization, and gas distribution. 

The filter device is used to protect the valve of the gas pipeline, and the pore size of the filter should not exceed 1.5 mm. If the gas valve group is equipped with an independent pressure-regulating valve, an independent filtering device should be configured at the inlet of the gas inlet to avoid blocking the gas pipe in the pressure-regulating valve.

The pressure fluctuation at the outlet of the regulator valve should not exceed ±5% within the entire combustion adjustment range.

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