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Gasoline&diesel&digital inverter gasoline generators
- Aug 08, 2018 -

There are many people who don’t know how much power gasoline generators they want to buy. Different gasoline and diesel generators have different voltages and powers, as well as fuel consumption and noise.

Different industries, different places, different equipment, and different time-of-use gasoline generators are different.

For example, for the average home users, if only with some TV, lighting, and air conditioning or something. Then it is more suitable to buy a small gasoline generator, the power generally 5KW is enough.

If you are traveling outdoor, with computer and other equipment, it is better to buy a digital inverter generator, because the digital inverter gasoline generator has the characteristics of light weight, low noise and stable voltage.Because the computer is a general confidential instrument, it is safer to use a digital inverter generator.

If you use it in a general construction unit, then you have to buy a diesel generator.Because the consumption of diesel generators is lower than that of gasoline, and the use time of diesel generators is longer than that of gasoline generators, diesel generators can be used 24 hours a day, the daily usage time of gasoline generators can't be more than 10 hours.Therefore, if you use the generator in the construction unit , you should buy a diesel generator.

In general, households are equipped with gasoline generators, diesel generators are for construction, and digital inverter gasoline generators for confidential instruments.