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Generator Brush Replacement Guide
- Nov 24, 2017 -

1.To replace the carbon brush generator should be prepared before the following tools: insulated gloves, screwdrivers, special wrenches, alcohol, sandpaper, brush, white cloth, flashlight.

2.Should be assigned experienced personnel to operate, take the brush holder and replace the generator generator brush must be strictly implemented when the operating guardianship system.

3.Standing on the insulating pad during work, the operator should fasten the cuffs and put the braid on the cap to prevent the clothes and the wiping material from being caught by the rotating part.

4.When changing the carbon brush, make it the same type as the old carbon brush.

5.Replacement brush should be carried out one by one, two or more carbon brushes are strictly prohibited at the same time replacement.

In the replacement, first with a special wrench loose brush braid fastening screws, loose fastening screws should not be loose too much to prevent the screws fall off; remove the carbon brush braid; then brush and pressure equalization spring removed at the same time.

When the carbon brush is installed, the carbon brush is first placed in the brush holder; the pressure is equalized and the pressure is equalized; and then the special wrench is used to tighten the braided screw to tighten the braid to prevent the screw from being damaged.

Brush grip freely within the motion, the spring should be pressed in the center of the carbon brush, the pressure is normal, check the generator brush is operating normally.

Usually should pay attention to check the generator brush wear degree, if it has worn to the limit line, that is, the short side of 15mm, then you must replace the new carbon brush. Replacement brush quality can not be too bad, the particles can not be hard, otherwise it will cause scratches on the slip ring surface, carbon brush is also more prone to wear and tear.