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Generator how to deal with oscillation
- Nov 21, 2017 -

When a major disturbance occurs to the generator, the active balance between the generator and the operator will be destroyed.

This is because, due to the rotor inertia of the generator, the generator power needs a process of change. During this period, the power can not compete well, Oscillation occurs when the generator fails to operate stably. Oscillation occurs, should be treated as follows:

1.Caused by the generator side by side mismatch or loss of excitation caused by oscillation, the machine should be immediately dissolved;

2. If the oscillation is caused by the generator excitation regulator abnormalities, the generator fault excitation regulator should be immediately cut to spare excitation

3. When the generator oscillates, it should not need to be dispatched to increase the excitation current of the generator to increase the reactive power immediately.

4. When the generator is oscillating, if it is found that the frequency is lower, it should not be dispatched, and the unit should be added The active output to the maximum, until the oscillation is eliminated.

5. When the generator is oscillating, if it is found that the frequency increase should not be scheduled to reduce the unit active power output to reduce the frequency, but not to make the frequency lower than 49.5Hz, at the same time should ensure the normal power supply of the plant electricity.

6. report scheduling, and listen Hou scheduling instructions.