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Generator nozzle cleaning frequency is high or low?
- Nov 28, 2017 -

The degree of fuel injection of motor is a part of the unit. In order to reduce the fault of generator nozzle and ensure the normal exertion of the function of fuel injector, users need to maintain and maintain the fuel injector. The nozzle is not cleaned for a long

time will produce grease, the grease blocking nozzle, fuel injection will lead to poor. So often clean the nozzle, then the cleaning frequency of the nozzle should be high or low?

   Some people think that the nozzle should be cleaned regularly and often cleaned. But this is wrong, the scientific cleaning nozzle, otherwise it will not work. In fact, the fuel injector of diesel engine parts really need to clean the site is not much, is a net fuel through the fuel pump filter, fuel filter after filtration, flow through the nozzle of gasoline, compared to the interstitial impurity particle size and the nozzle is not an order of magnitude. Two is the binders containing gasoline, gasoline after clearance by high speed jet, it is difficult to hold, the so-called Dripping water wears through a stone. Not to mention the strong knocks of the needle valve and the contact surface every day. The three is that most of the models are used out of cylinder injection, where the temperature is not high, and it is several times better than the working environment of the spark plug.

   Really easy to influence the atomization positions should be the outer surface of the nozzle of the fuel injection port, and the so-called advanced cleaning agent, is containing benzene or benzene aromatic hydrocarbon and stuff, and add the engine combustion to melt part of carbon deposition, cleaning agent is the cheapest carburetor cleaning agent, can add combustion.

   Some friends always feel good when they see the black water flowing behind the exhaust pipe when cleaning carbon deposits.

In fact, those black water 90% are not the carbon deposits inside the generator. What's more, after washing dry, it will burn gasoline or continue to produce a certain amount of carbon, until the balance is not significant. On the other hand, the temperature in the benzene aromatic hydrocarbon cylinder is much higher than that of the gasoline, and it is not good to wash the generator. So not to cannot but, don't wash it.