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Generator piston ring has abnormal sound handling
- Dec 07, 2017 -

Generator at the same speed, the piston pin sound louder than the piston knocking cylinder sound crisp continuous, and the idling and temperature increased after the sound cloudy. Possible reasons for the above conditions are:

(1) the piston pin is loose with the pin hole.

Piston pin and connecting rod bushing wear, so that the gap is too large.

The oil pressure is too low, the oil spatter is not enough, the bad lubrication causes the piston pin to be ablated seriously.

(4) the piston pin ring shedding to make the piston pin move freely.

Diagnosis and treatment methods:

       The engine idling speed rose to medium speed, the dithering throttle, the sound changes, and every time the throttle can hear a clear and crisp continuous sound, you can think of the piston pin.

       The sound emitted at higher speeds is more serious, the higher the speed the louder the louder; at the maximum speed of the ringing off the oil test, if the sound is not only not weakened, but become cluttered, indicating that the piston pin and bushing with loose Kuang.

       When the piston pin noise is more obvious, must be repaired, so as not to break the piston, or even damage cylinder liner, cylinder head or cylinder.