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How the diesel generators are fuel - efficient
- May 12, 2017 -

1, on time to remove coke

Diesel engine in the work, due to the combustion process of the relevant parts of the high temperature, resulting in gray carbon polymer attached to the valve, valve seat, nozzle, piston, etc., not timely cleaning will increase fuel consumption, and seriously affect the normal work of the engine , In general, the best 4-6 months to clear once.

2, pay attention to diesel purification

After the tank is used for some time, the bottom of the tank will precipitate some minerals or impurities and should be cleaned or cleaned regularly. Otherwise the plunger and fuel injection head will bring a greater impact on the normal work, easy to cause fuel supply time are not allowed, uneven oil supply, oil atomization bad, resulting in increased fuel consumption, power down.

3, do not overload operations

Small horse-drawn carts overload operation, so that a considerable part of the diesel into black smoke, did not play should be effective, fuel consumption increases, but also shorten the life of the parts.

4, to maintain a certain water temperature

Diesel engine cooling water temperature remained at around 45-65C. If the water temperature is too low, will cause the diesel combustion is not complete, increase the load of the machine itself. Cooling water is best not to use minerals "soft water" (such as distilled water, rain), should not abuse sewage, muddy water.

5, regular inspection and maintenance

Must have "to focus on governance, anti-emphasis on repair" concept. Should pay attention to serious maintenance and maintenance, to do regular checks to adjust the valve clearance, fuel injection pressure, fuel time, and timely elimination of the cooling water jacket scale, dirt. Some mechanical parts such as valves, fuel injectors, etc., to the repair of the repair, the change for the important parts should always be in a good use of the state, should not "sick" induction. At the same time, agricultural workers should also be in practice to explore a set of power machine in the course of the general troubleshooting method to avoid the helpless situation in an emergency situation, powerless situation.