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How to deal with diesel generator set with high local temperature?
- Apr 03, 2018 -

    When the summer comes, the temperature increases, and it is easy to cause the heating of the diesel generating set to increase the temperature of the local temperature. By the sound, temperature and other aspects of the unit to distinguish whether the unit is able to operate normally. Next, diesel generator manufacturer comler will provide you with a way to prevent and deal with the excessive local temperature of the generator set.

    1. Check the contact between the moving and static contact of the electric brake sluice on time. If it is found that the loosening of the tight spring or the non parallel phenomena of the single touch finger and other contact finger, it is necessary to deal with it immediately.

    2, the outlet of generator and the connecting part of neutral point lead should be reliable. During the operation of the unit, the infrared imaging temperature measurement should be carried out on the phase separation cable, the static excitation device, the rotor slip ring cable and the rotor slip ring.  

    3. During the operation of the new machine and the maintenance of the old machine, we should pay attention to the inspection of the pressing of the stator core and the pressure deviation of the tooth pressure, especially the teeth at both ends. If the phenomenon of relaxation is found, the operation should be put into operation. Iron loss test should be performed when switching or suspected of core insulation.

    4, during manufacturing, transportation, installation and overhaul, we should pay attention to prevent tiny foreign matter such as welding slag or metal scrap from falling into the stator core ventilator.

    5, when generator insulation overheating alarm, we should analyze its causes, and shut down for lack of treatment if necessary.

    In the ordinary use, we can use the above five methods to actively prevent and deal with the problem of high temperature of diesel generating set. Once the temperature overheating is found, it must be paid enough attention to find out the cause and solve the problem in time, so as to provide a good environment for the smooth operation of the diesel generator set.

    The limitation of the Cummins power generating set is limited to malfunction or damage caused by misuse or negligence confirmed by Chongqing Cummins, including but not limited to: running under the lack of sufficient coolant or lubricating oil; excessive oil supply; overspeed; lack of maintenance for the lubrication system, cooling system or intake system; incorrect storage, starting, preheating, running in or shutdown, and so on, Chongqing Kang Cummings is not responsible for. Chongqing Cummins is not responsible for the unauthorized engine changes. Chongqing Cummins is not responsible for problems and failures in the use of unqualified fuels, water, dust, or other pollutants in the engine. If the Cummins appendix provided by Cummins in Chongqing is part of the complete set of equipment, it is applicable to the warranty act of the Chongqing. In addition, the non - Cummins annex is not guaranteed.  

    Before the claim for excessive oil consumption is submitted, the owner must provide sufficient documents to indicate that the oil consumption exceeds the standard published by Cummins. For the first 500 hours after the beginning of the warranty, or more than one year, the first expired, the belt and hose provided by Chongqing Cummins no longer enjoy the warranty. The parts that are used for repairing and repairing faults must be the parts approved by Cummings in Chongqing. Cummings Cummings is not responsible for the failure caused by the use of non Chongqing's approved parts.  

    The Cummins parts of Chongqing, which are used to repair and repair malfunctions, have the same remaining warranty as those they are replacing.