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How to deal with diesel generator sets on the oil, carbon and scale
- Oct 09, 2017 -

For the long life of the diesel generator sets, regular cleaning of accessories is also an important maintenance point.

In general, accessories often have dirt is oil, carbon and scale, follow the stars together to understand how these three types of dirt should be properly handled.


 (1) oil cleaning

Parts on the surface of the oil deposition should be thick when the first scraping.

Generally should be in the hot cleaning fluid cleaning parts surface oil, commonly used cleaning fluid alkaline cleaning fluid and synthetic detergent. When using alkaline cleaning solution for hot cleaning, heat to 70 ~ 90 ℃, the parts immersed in 10 ~ 15min, and then remove and rinse with water, and then dry air to dry. Note: the use of gasoline cleaning is not safe; aluminum parts can not be washed in strong alkaline cleaning solution; non-metallic rubber parts should be used alcohol or brake fluid for cleaning.


(2) Coke removal

Clear carbon deposition can be used simple mechanical removal method, that is, with a metal brush or scraper, etc.

 To clear, but this method is not easy to remove the carbon deposition, and easy to damage the surface parts. It is best to use chemical removal of carbon deposition, that is, the first use of carbides (chemical solution) heated to 80 ~ 90 ℃, the parts of the coke expansion softening, and then use a brush to clear.


(3) scale removal

Scale is generally used chemical removal method, will remove the scale of the chemical solution added to the coolant, diesel generator in the engine work for some time, then replace the coolant. Commonly used to remove the scale of the chemical solution are: caustic soda solution or hydrochloric acid solution, fluoride hydrochloric acid detergents and phosphate detergents, phosphoric acid cleaning agent suitable for the removal of aluminum alloy parts on the scale.