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How to deal with the water in the diesel generator set
- Dec 12, 2017 -

1. The cause of water intake of diesel generator set:

1) due to improper storage of generators, there is not enough waterproof measures before rain to cause rain to enter the engine block or into the power generation ball.

2) water pump seal damage caused by water entering the oil channel.

3) engine cylinder or cylinder head cracks, cylinder due to sudden cooling or freezing, water from seeping through cracks in the.

4) the cylinder pad of the diesel generator is damaged, the cooling water of the cylinder body enters the oil channel and then flows into the oil pan.

5) water wet cylinder liner damage due to high water pressure water tank radiator, along the external wall of the cylinder liner into the oil passage.

6) the oil cooler is damaged, the oil cooler is circulated by water or coolant, or after the oil cooler breaks, the internal water will enter the oil circuit, and the oil will enter the water tank, which will cause the water to mix with the oil.

2. Water intake treatment and prevention methods for generating units:

1) the most direct and effective treatment method of the generator's external influent is to do a simple hut to protect the generator set, and to do a good job of the regular inspection of the drainage system.

2) the water pump is leaking, the water seal is checked, and the water pump is replaced directly when necessary.

3) oil cooler leakage, test pressure treatment, find out the leak point for treatment or replacement.

4) the cylinder sleeve is leaking and the cylinder sleeve rubber ring is replaced.

5) diesel engine cylinder block rupture, the problem is relatively large, the general selection of direct replacement will be a good point.

Diesel generator diesel engine and generator is mainly composed of two parts, diesel engine inlet if mishandled direct consequences may destroy the diesel generator; the ball belongs to the power equipment, if there is Water Leakage phenomenon that the consequences will be more serious. Therefore, we must be careful in the use of diesel generator sets, or any part of the water will bring some loss to us.