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How to do the daily maintenance of generators
- Aug 28, 2017 -

As we all know, the power generation units are diesel generators, gasoline generators and wind turbines, etc., but the most widely used is the diesel generator sets, especially in communications, diesel generators can be used to a large extent Affecting the quality and safety of communication. In order to ensure the normal use of generators in various fields, must be based on the actual operation of the generator, the generator set for regular inspection and maintenance work. Following the example of diesel generator sets, by analyzing the operating principle of diesel generating units, combined with the previous maintenance experience, in-depth exploration of how to do a good job of the daily maintenance of generating units.


1.The maintenance of ordinary diesel generators

1) Data show that ordinary diesel generators need to work 400V or 230V rated voltage, 50Hz rated power, in the official operation of diesel generators, to check with the diesel engine operation of the various Work, carefully clean the unit around and the surface of the debris, to protect the room into the channel can be smooth for energy conversion, and check the water tank, air filter, etc. equipment can work properly.

2) Do a good job inside the diesel engine inspection, for example, the amount of diesel engine is controlled within a reasonable range; the required operation of diesel and oil quality to meet the safety requirements; machine oil temperature, water temperature and pressure Whether the size of the provisions and so on. After the completion of the generator set operation, the need for immediate inspection of the work, for example, check the oil, fuel and coolant leak phenomenon, the control panel is safe to pull out the key, etc., to ensure that the next use Will fail because of improper handling.

3) After a certain period of time after the generator set has been operated, it is necessary to carry out regular inspection work at regular intervals. Generally speaking, within 10 hours after the operation of the generator set, the air filter, radiator, etc. of the generator set And other parts of the security check; run after the end of 50 hours, to discharge the oil and water separator in the water, so as to avoid unnecessary burden on the generator, and check the battery electrolyte is below the safe level to prevent The end of the operation of 200 to 300 hours after the need to check the valve clearance and the injector is normal; run the end of a year or even longer, if not re-use the generator, you have to replace the oil With the lubricating oil filter, and for the generator unit of all mechanical equipment for maintenance inspection.


2.The maintenance of automated diesel generator sets

  The maintenance of automated diesel generator sets and maintenance of ordinary diesel generating units is the same, in the daily maintenance work, the need for diesel engine diesel, water, oil and so on a rigorous inspection, pay attention to view the diesel engine to start the battery electrolysis Whether the liquid meets the requirements. The difference is not placed in the case of long-term use, to the battery into the distilled water on a regular basis to ensure that the sudden need to use, not because of the battery can not be used. In addition to the requirements of the battery, the automation of diesel engine in the work also need to strictly control the size of the working voltage. Often, the power supply connected to the diesel generator set is out of phase, interrupted or supplied with a voltage value of more than 380V, eliminating the need for artificial control of the diesel generator set to start the work and there are three opportunities for automatic start-up. Research shows that not only the three starts in each of the basic can control the time in the 3 ~ 10s or so, and the entire start time will be completed in two minutes, the probability of successful start can reach more than 99%. When the electricity blackout signal is placed on the switch of the diesel generator set, it will cause the self-starting system of the diesel generator set to continue to work. After transmitting the power to the low voltage equipment, the power will be sent back to the motor, To a certain extent, the destruction of the diesel generator may also cause an unexpected power outage, so in order to prevent the discovery of this phenomenon, often the mains of the power outage signal placed in the front of low-voltage power distribution equipment. In the case of high or low voltage, too high water temperature or low oil temperature, the same will happen when the generator unit wants to protect the safety of its own system and suddenly shut down. Therefore, in daily work in order to protect the safety of generating units, must strictly control the oil temperature in the range of 20 ~ 30 ℃, the water temperature in the range of 30 ~ 50 ℃. Compared to ordinary diesel generators, the daily maintenance of automated diesel generators has a higher level of requirements, in addition to the daily maintenance in strict accordance with the norms of regular cleaning and maintenance, but also regular replacement of diesel filters, air Filters, etc., do a good job of hardware protection work. In addition, in order to protect the diesel generator sets in low temperature conditions can work as usual, but also in the cold season to pay attention to regularly replace the diesel generator sets of fuel.