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If you buy, what kind of diesel generator will you buy?
- May 12, 2017 -

Often customers will be online consultation or telephone consultation, diesel generator how much money, 500KW diesel generator how much money? In fact, the procurement of diesel generators have a lot of stress, just as we usually buy the same car:

1, according to the size of the customer's load to determine the size of power; Heng-hua power series stand-alone diesel generator power coverage is 4.0KW-2500KW.

2, diesel generator power has the main spare points. General main diesel generator set, its generator output power can be overloaded in a short time 10% run; and standby diesel generator, the generator output power is its maximum power, is not overload operation. So when you choose the diesel generator sets to distinguish between the main and spare differences, so as not to buy the generating units fail to meet their own requirements, resulting in unnecessary losses.

3, according to the actual requirements of the site to determine the functional requirements of diesel generators: low noise, rain, mobile, automatic, automatic switching, multi-machine and so on.

4, according to their own economic capacity to determine the diesel generator sets of engine and generator series configuration; Henghua power equipment to provide the driving forces are: Cummins, Volvo, Perkins, Ji Chai, Yuchai, on the firewood, Doosan, Weichai And other well-known brands; optional generators: the United States Audi, Stanford, Marathon, England, Shanghai McGint and so on.

So power, functional requirements and their own economic capacity and other important reasons are that we consider the kind of diesel engine to buy an important factor.