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Iraq’s electricity supply-1
- Jun 15, 2018 -



If you fly in the sky over southern Iraq at night, then you can probably understand how bad the power supply in Iraq is. In Kuwait City, not far away, the brightest lights at night come from high-rise buildings or highways. However, Iraq is not like this. The brightest light in Iraq's night comes from the oil field; where the useless natural gas associated with the extraction of oil is burned directly. In this way, Iraq wastes 12 billion cubic meters of natural gas each year - which is more than Austria's total annual natural gas consumption.



However, Iraq cannot guarantee that the domestic people enjoy stable power supply throughout the day. The oil fields continue to burn useless natural gas. At the same time, Iraq purchased natural gas from neighboring Iran at high European prices and purchased electricity from Turkish barges in the Gulf region. Many Iraqis have their own generators. Their power generation accounts for 8% of Iraq’s national power supply. Each family’s own power generation costs up to 1,000 US dollars per month, and one-sixth of the household’s annual income is used by itself.