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Iraq’s electricity supply-2
- Jun 16, 2018 -

Long-term war and economic sanctions have damaged Iraq’s electricity supply network. Although the current situation has improved, the current supply of 13 GW is still a quarter away from meeting the demand. By 2030, Iraq’s electricity demand will soar to 42 gigawatts, and the current power supply is still far from this demand. The lack of electricity has brought difficulties to the lives of Iraqis, especially during the hot summer months. In addition, insufficient power supply also limits industrial development. Hussein Shahristani, the deputy prime minister in charge of domestic energy, said that the shortage of electricity has caused Iraq to lose $40 billion annually.



The rational use of oilfield torch gas will help. As Iraq’s oil production will continue to climb in the coming years – if the government plans to implement it, future oil production will increase to 9 million barrels per day, which is three times the current output – the oil field produces The amount of natural gas will also soar. BasraGas Company is a joint venture between Shell, Mitsubishi and Iraq’s state-owned South Gas Company. The company has already signed a contract and agreed to reclaim oil from the field for Iraq’s power plants. However, this contract has annoyed many companies in Iraq's energy industry. These companies said that the contract allows Iraq’s natural gas to be almost monopolized by foreign companies. In addition, once domestic demand is satisfied, Basra Gas can also deliver liquefied natural gas to the attractive Asian market – which is also the cause of many dissatisfactions.