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Key points to ensure safe operation of diesel generator set
- Nov 14, 2017 -

1.The cooling water of the unit cooling water under pressure is higher than the boiling point of normal water, so do not open the pressure cover of the water tank or heat exchanger while the generator is running. Make sure the generator set cools and relieves pressure before servicing.

2.Diesel contains benzene and lead. When inspecting, draining or filling diesel, take particular care not to swallow or ingest diesel oil, as do the oil. Unit exhaust emissions, do not inhale.

3.Install fire extinguisher in the most appropriate place. Refer to the local government fire service regulations in your area for the correct type of fire extinguisher. Do not use foam fire extinguishers on fire caused by electrical equipment.

4.Do not place unnecessary oil on the diesel generator. Stored grease and lubricating oil can cause overheating of the genset, damage to the engine, and risk of fire.

5.Generators should be kept clean around, and may not place debris. Remove debris from the generator set and keep the floor clean and dry. It is also important to note that operators should not operate diesel generators when they are mentally or physically exhausted or after taking alcohol. To ensure safety, Cummins diesel generator operator must first have a safety awareness, so as to be able to do more than safety and security in place.Regular operation training is also important for safe operation. During the training, we can also sum up new experiences and enhance the working ability of the entire working group.