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Noise problems of diesel generators
- Dec 26, 2017 -

Noise is a sound that is harmful to human health. Noise can interfere with work efficiency, creating anxiety and distractibility, especially affecting difficult or highly skilled work. It also impedes the exchange and warning of signals and causes accidents. Diesel generator set to provide convenience for people at the same time, but also because of diesel generator noise directly affects people's health, work and life. As people gradually improve the environmental requirements, how to solve and overcome the above problems has become the key to the application and development of diesel generating sets.

In particular: noise is harmful to the operator's hearing, sudden high noise can cause staff to temporarily lose hearing for several days.

Frequent exposure to higher levels of noise can lead to disruption of the internal tissues of the ear and permanent, incurable hearing loss.

Noise levels near the unmasked diesel generator exceed the factory noise standards and operators should wear noise-resistant earmuffs and overalls when working near a diesel generator.

If the diesel engine room is equipped with noise-proof equipment, it will prevent the room sound from passing out and prevent the sound from coming in. However, all personnel working in the vicinity of the unit must wear sound-proof earmuffs.

(1) mark the need to wear noise ear muffs.

(2) Within the scope of protection, non-staff members need to be controlled.

(3) Make sure to provide and use sound insulation earmuffs.