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Precautions and maintenance methods for the use of diesel generators in summer
- Jan 27, 2018 -

1, before starting, check the circulating cooling water in the water tank is sufficient, if the shortage should be filled with pure water. Because the heat of the unit is consumed by the water circulation to dissipate the heat.


In summer 2, relatively hot and humid, should pay attention to the normal ventilation cooling generator cannot influence, it is necessary to regularly clean the dust and dirt, keep the ventilation tunnel smoothly; generator should not run in the sun under a high temperature environment, to prevent the turbine body excessive heat failure


3, after 5 hours of continuous operation, the generator set should be shut down for half an hour to let the generator rest for a while, because the diesel engine of the generator set works for high speed compression, and the long time high temperature operation will damage the cylinder block.


4. The generator unit should not operate under the sun exposure and high temperature environment, in order to prevent the generator body from heating too fast and cause the failure.


5, summer is a frequent season for thunderstorms. We should do well in the field of diesel generators. Lightning protection and grounding must be done according to the regulations, and the protection and connection of generator units should be done well.


6. The accumulative operation of the diesel generator set for 6000 hours should be overhauled to inspect the components of the unit.