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Precautions for the use of generator speed sensors
- Dec 19, 2017 -

The speed sensor is indispensable for the generator. And the quality of the speed sensor directly affects the stability and safety of the unit. So it is very important to guarantee the quality of the speed sensor. This requires the correctness of the installation and use of the unit speed sensor. Diesel generator manufacturers

1, because of generator mounting bracket vibration sensor, the measuring signal is not accurate, alternating magnetic field generated irregular changes caused by fluctuation speed indicator. Treatment: reinforcement of the support can be used to weld the diesel engine.

Between 2 and sensor and diesel generator flywheel are too far away or too close (usually this distance is about 2.5+0.3mm). If the distance is too far away, it is possible that the signal can not be detected. It is too close to grind the face of the sensor. Because the flywheel in high speed operation, will have radial (or axial) moving too close to the sensor security threat, once found working face has several probes has been cut. According to the practical experience, the distance is about 2mm more appropriate, use a feeler gauge measurement.

3, if the flywheel is thrown up by the oil viscosity in the sensor surface, have a certain impact on the measurement results. If an anti oil cover is installed on the flywheel, it can play a good effect.

4, speed transmitter fault, the output signal is not stable, even without speed fluctuation caused by speed indicator indicator, but due to its instability and bad connection head contact will trigger electrical over-speed protection misoperation. This can be used to check the speed transmitter with the frequency generator input frequency signal, and the terminal is fastened. Because the speed transmitter is controlled by PLC microcomputers, it can be readjusted or replaced when necessary.

The above is the use of generator speed sensor for diesel generator factory technical personnel to introduce users to the attention, hoping to bring users help. Only in the process of use should pay attention to the above items, in order to reduce the generation of unit failure and ensure the normal operation of the unit.