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Precautions for use of generator in winter
- Jan 06, 2018 -

一、After running in winter, if parked in open areas, should pay attention to changes in the weather, when the ambient temperature is below 4 degrees should be let go of the cooling water in the cooling water tank of diesel engine, because the volume of water changes relatively 4 degrees, As water changes from liquid to solid, expanding the volume will damage the radiator cooling radiator.

Diesel generator can not turn off the water too early to turn off before idling at turn-off until the cooling water temperature dropped below 60 ℃, the water is not hot, then turn off the water. If you let off the cooling water too early, the body at a high degree of sudden cold air invaded will produce shrinkage, cracks. Water should be discharged when the water remains completely discharged diesel engine body, in order to avoid icing expansion, so that the body burst.

二、Prevent the freezing method of water tank add special long-term antirust, antifreeze or use of electric heating equipment to ensure that the room temperature above the freezing point.


三、The winter due to the poor working environment of the diesel engine, so you need to frequently change the air filter, due to cold air filter and diesel filter requirements are particularly high, if not replaced in time will increase the engine wear and tear, affecting the life of the diesel engine.


四、Winter diesel engine oil in the choice, we should try to choose a little thin oil viscosity.


五、The diesel engine starts in winter, the cylinder sucked air temperature is low, the piston compressed gas is difficult to achieve the natural temperature of diesel. Therefore, before starting the diesel engine should adopt the appropriate auxiliary methods to improve the temperature of the diesel engine body.


六、After the low-speed diesel engine should run for 3-5 minutes, in order to improve the temperature of the diesel engine, check the lubricating oil work, check the normal before they can be put into normal operation. Otherwise a long time will affect the life of valve components.