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Precautions for use the diesel generator set
- Sep 18, 2017 -

1. The diesel engine to start a continuous working time should not exceed 10S, the interval between the two starts should be more than 2min, to prevent the armature coil overheating and burned. If you can not start successfully three times, you should identify the cause and then start.


2. When you hear the drive gear high-speed rotation and can not be engaged with the ring gear, should quickly release the start button until the starter to stop working, and then the second time to start to prevent the drive gear and flywheel ring gear collision and damage.


3. In the cold area using diesel generator sets, you should use antifreeze oil; start, but also the application of "a" word screwdriver in the flywheel hole at the flywheel gear ring a few weeks later, and then start.


4. The unit started, it should quickly release its start button, so that the drive gear back to the original position.


5. The unit in normal work, is strictly prohibited again press the diesel engine start button.


6. Should be regularly in the starter before the back cover bushing to add grease to prevent the occurrence of dry friction damage to the shaft and bushing.