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Similarities and Differences between Diesel Generators and Wind Turbines
- Jan 25, 2018 -

The working principle of diesel generator:

In the diesel engine cylinder, the clean air filtered by the air filter is mixed with the high-pressure atomized diesel ejected from the fuel injector, and the volume is reduced and the temperature rises rapidly when the piston goes upward, so as to achieve the ignition point of diesel fuel. The diesel fuel is ignited, the mixture of gas burns sharply, the volume expands rapidly, pushing the piston down, which is called work. Each cylinder is done in sequence in a certain order, and the thrust on the piston passes through the connecting rod into the force that drives the crankshaft to rotate, thus driving the crankshaft to rotate. The coaxial brushless synchronous alternator and the diesel engine crankshaft are installed in a coaxial way, so that the rotor of the generator can be driven by the rotation of the diesel engine. By using the principle of electromagnetic induction, the generator will output the induced electromotive force and generate the current through the closed load loop.


The working principle of the wind turbine:

The wind turbine is the engine that uses the fluid to shock the impeller to generate power. It can be divided into steam turbine, gas turbine and hydraulic turbine. It is a power machine widely used for power generation, aviation, navigation and so on. The wind turbine supercharger is actually a kind of air compressor, which increases the intake volume by compressing the air. It uses the inertia force to increase the output power of the engine.

It can be seen that the same thing is that the output of electricity can be provided. The difference is that the wind turbine belongs to the utilization of renewable energy, and it belongs to the pollution-free power generation. However, the wind generator has no diesel generator to use so conveniently. It needs the impact of air flow to drive the impeller to rotate and generate current.